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Care Information

Here are some tips to help you understand and care for your timber product

  • Whilst every effort is made in the selection of timber used, and we as a small company are very proud of our products, unfortunately we cannot accept any responsibility for small defects in timber, which occur after the products have left the workshop due to the natural movement of timber.


  • Some air cracks, shakes, knots and splits may appear in timber after delivery (and treatment by the customer). This is normal and due to natural movement of timber.


  • Timber products may raise and drop due to weather conditions and changes in temperature this is perfectly normal


  • We recommend treatment of exterior timber products to be done as soon as possible. An oil based treatment is recommended for best protection. This will prolong the life of your product.


  • Gates should not be left un-latched or hooked back as this can cause damage to the gate, gate posts and gate furniture. Gates should be stored flat and on batons off the floor to reduce the risk of warping.


  • All of our timber products are handmade in our own workshop so at busy periods it can take 3-4weeks from placing your order. However please feel free to contact us to discus lead times.


  • Your timber product should be placed on a suitable level surface free from standing water.


  • IMPORTANT: all our timber items are handmade to order resulting in small variances from the pictures on our website to your product. However the quality will be the same.

If you have any further questions please contact us and we will be happy to advice.

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